Larry Hernandez, was born in Los Angeles, California, and at just 4 years old his parents took him to Culiacan, Sinaloa where he grew up for the most part of his adolescent years. His musical influence comes from his family, his grandfather is a musician and many of his cousins and family members are well known artists.

“I never attended music school; I give thanks to God for granting me with my talent. It is more beautiful when you inherit music through your blood, you feel it closer to your heart, it’s the best feeling, and this album contains all of that.”

His first days as a musician came in school in Culiacan, with a group that represented Sinaloa. Larry started songwriting since he was little and remembers: “At the age of 8, I would show my “corridos” to my cousins and uncles who were musicians and they would give me tips, change this here, get rid of this there, and from that point on I started learning.” Not only does he compose and write, but this talented singer also plays the accordion and drums.

The first professional group that he worked with was called, “Los Amables Del Norte” and it was with that group that he learned how to perform on stage. “It is not easy to stand on a stage, grab a microphone and sing in front of three thousand people.”

Larry Hernandez’ biggest influence and idol is the late Chalino Sanchez, but also feels admiration for many artists and his musical influences have a big range.

Time after, is when he decided to go solo, interpreting the music he now performs and delivers to his fans. Even though Larry has been criticized by various artists and musicians for singing his “corridos” and they have recommended him to be more careful; He says the following: “My “corridos” are fully packed with content that nobody dares to sing, I do it to entertain people. So they get involved with a character, and anyways, people ask me to also.” He also adds: “My “corridos” aren’t made to start controversy with anyone, they are made to entertain people, so they drink and have a good time, the reality, the economy and the whole world are going through tough times; the only thing I can give people is my talent and a good time so they forget everything and enjoy themselves.”

The first recordings that Larry made were a tribute to Cornelio Reyna, with more than 65 songs for a company of California in 1998, which allowed Larry to learn and gain experience in the recording studio.

It was in 1999 when Larry’s first album as a soloist was “born” entitled “Centella Norteña”, fulfilling one of his greatest dreams.

In 2001 LARRY recorded “Mil Noches” and in 2003 he returned to the studio to record “El Amigo De Todos”, same nickname since then identifies LARRY; followed the productions “Linda Chiquilla” in 2004, “Laberinto” and “Arrepientete” in 2005, “Se Busca Cantar Buenos Corridos” in 2006 and “Dejate Querer Tantito” in 2008.

Although in his career as a soloist he had already recorded around 7 productions, his musical “boom” occurred when by means of the social networking and Youtube the public that already knew him began to talk about him, uploading all his videos and, so many people that liked his genre converted him into a true idol within the internet, his fame then caught the attention of music industry and thanks to that he immediately had a contract with a transnational record label that helped him continue with his successful career.

Since then, under this label LARRY HERNANDEZ has recorded:

  • Mil Noches 2002
  • Hace Un Mes 2008
  • 16 Narco Corridos 2009
  • EN VIVO desde Culiacán 2009
  • EN VIVO desde el Nokia L.A 2010

Same productions that have led him to achieve a success primarily with the public, but also in the music industry, since it has been several years in which Larry Hernandez has been nominated in various important awards, in addition to that each of his promotional singles is placed at the top of the popularity radio charts, not to mention his record sales that have led him to obtain a variety of gold and platinum records which have been certified by the RIAA, as those obtained by his album “16 Narco Corridos”.

The first single that served as the pin point for the album “16 Narco Corridos” is titled “El Querendon y Cajetoso,” which was later followed by “El Baleado.” “Piloto Canabis”, which very quickly gained liking with the listeners as well as the radio charts.

The production, direction and arrangement of the album were led by “El Fenomeno del Corrido,” who describes the material as being recorded in a ‘live style’, with instruments such as tuba, charchetas and accordion. The songs had no editing done to them; they were recorded and finalized within the first take right then and there, giving the album a more intimate touch.

One of the artist’s favorite tracks is “Mal Encachado y Buchon.” Larry describes this “corrido” as “A true life’s story, when you have money everyone talks to you, and when you have nothing, no one bothers; this “corrido” themes around a person who lives in poverty, that wore second-hand clothing, and later on when his life evolves everyone wants a piece of him.”

“El Fenomeno del Corrido” also talks about “Lista Negra,” he makes a comment that he enjoys writing songs that people can identify with, common words but with a realistic meaning behind them. He assures: “I am one of the singers out there that is brave enough to speak how people in the real world speak, even though there may be strong words involved. In my “corridos” I never lie, I speak the pure truth of what “corrido” is all about.”

The 16 tracks found in this production are: “Lista Negra”, “Arturo Beltrán”, “Rey Midas”,“El Rayo y El JB”, “El Toque de la Jairo”, “Los Tres Gurrolas”, “El Perico y la Plebada”, “La Continuación del Baleado”, “El Ejecutor”, “Mal Encachado y Buchon”, “El Taliban”, “La Gente del Señor”, “Javier Torres El M1”, “El Baleado”, “El Querendon y Cajetoso” and “El Cartel de los Pesados”, all written by Larry Hernandez himself.



Although the fame of Larry has risen sky high, it was with his album titled “Larrymania” whe he became a phenomenon, achieving record breaking sales, remaining several weeks in the first place in the radio charts and receiving millions of visits in the different internet sites and not to mention all the videos that LARRY personally makes for his fans; making all this the title of the album in a term that reflects with his music “invading” the taste and the heart of all the public that continues to support Larry Hernandez

Larry Hernandez has revolutionized a very important movement and style within the music industry. His work in “LARRYMANIA” was one of the most awaited productions at the time.

The firs single of the album was “Arrastrando La Patas” which is different from the common corrido, not to mention a complete success, maintaining the number 1 position in the radio charts for over 15 consecutive weeks. In this case, the singer/songwriter interprets a love story explaining how he will do whatever it takes to conquer the heart of a woman regardless of what her parents and others may think; either through songs, love, gifts, adoration or more aggressive determination.

With 13 tracks, this album contains a perfect variety among them love songs such as “Duele” from famed composer Javier Zazueta. Additionally, Larry Hernandez presents his unique corridos which are characterized by the cruel reality. A few of these songs have been part of his repertoire but had not yet been recorded. The majority of these corridos are written by Larry Hernandez himself.

Other songs included in LARRYMANIA are: ““El 6”, “División MP”, “El Mayito Gordo”, “Sr. Violencia”, Esta Desilusión”, “El MachoPrieto”, “El 9”, “El Corrido del JR.”, “Manuel Torres por Mi Padre”, “El Pikas” and “Los Empecherados.” This last song was written by Gustavo ‘Chito’ Labrada from Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

Larry Hernandez distinguishes himself by his way of interpreting and composing. It is important to make note that various groups and solo artists have recorded songs written by him, which have gained immense success.

Thanks to the response of the public who had “Larrymania” which was also catalogued as one of the most successful albums of the year, that Billboard magazine placed it as one of the bestselling productions, with greater number of downloads in iTunes, with the success obtained Larry then decided to release a special edition of the same, which included the last single that emerged from this album titled “El Ardido”.

“El Ardido” is a ballad of unrequited love, it is different and unique thanks to the style that only Larry Hernández has and that the public enjoys so much, since his versatility makes it a success not only can he sing corridos, but also songs of love and heartbreak.



On April 29th, 2010 during the Latin Billboard Awards that took place in Puerto Rico, Larry Hernandez was celebrated as the “Debut Latin Artist of the Year.” This significant award can only be received once in a lifetime and is a testament to Larry Hernandez’s successful career.

On February 11, 2011 Larry Hernandez returned to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, one of the most important venues of the city and where he had previously had the opportunity to present himself accompanied by Roberto Tapia in a sold out concert, since then and being the first time he performed in the same venue on his own, he did it in an unforgettable way… He gave his fans a show that lasted more than 2 hours, performing his hits before a Nokia Theatre crowded by more than 7,000 people and serving this show of framework to present him with a RIAA Certified Platinum Plaque for his album “16 Narco Corridos” and a Gold Plaque for both “Larrymania” and “En Vivo Desde Culiacan,” which is certainly an achievement because of the tough moments the music industry is going through with illegal piracy, it has resulted in very few artist to reflect a good album sale, but in the case of Larry Hernández, his fans know the quality of his music and it makes him one of the top selling artist of today, which stayed of manifesto with the delivery of these acknowledgement.

With a career as a singer fully consolidated and a facet as composer in full rise with his songs already highly requested by various artists, on March 10, 2011, at the hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV . Larry Hernandez received his first recognition for “El Baleado” at the BMI Awards.

It is not possible to leave aside that Larry Hernandez was multi-nominated in the 2011 Billboard Awards on the following categories:


LARRY HERNANDEZ is currently touring several cities on the West coast of United States, his concerts have caused so much feeling and euphoria that no matter what city he presents himself, he always gets complete sold outs.

Became a phenomenon of popularity and success, Larry Hernandez is now determined to conquer Mexico with his “Larrymania”, which he is already achieving because his music is now heard in all the radio stations and he will soon begin a tour; in addition to that he already has several dates confirmed to perform in the Mexican Republic with the hopes that he achieves the same success that he recently had in his first presentations in Tijuana and Mexicali, where the euphoria of the people was such for seeing him, that the rain did not matter to them, nor to remain hours in a line, just so that they had the opportunity to enjoy Larry’s music.

LARRY HERNANDEZ is promoting his new single “Ya Me Canse”, it is important to mention that with this single he debuts as an independent artist, this song and his new album will be released completely under his publishing company called ‘Sodin Productions’ and although LARRY is an artist who never neglects nor a single detail of every project being carried out in his career, whether it’s a new album or a presentation; he is now even more involved than ever since the success of his new album that will be released in coming days will depend entirely upon him and his personal team.